22 Sep 2010


So here I am, starting my blog. I love art, photography, fashion - (I harbour a major soft spot for vintage styles!)and, above all, travelling so I decided to create a blog where I could share all these passions with like minded-people. I'll be writing about everything from the latest fashion trends and my travels, to the artsy finds in local art galleries as well as my own artwork. Comments and suggestions are very welcome, so don't be shy and drop me a line :)

As for today, I  wanted to share a few fashion trends which I'm absolutely loving right now: 

Faux fur waistcoats add that boho chic to everyday outfits, look amazing, and keep you warm and cozy on those chilly autumn days. This is actually a photo of me in the outfit I was sporting today - I completed the look with a few accessories: 

I love the feather buckle belt and the lovely, vintage-style rings - I got them both over the weekend and they cost me less than a tenner, making both me and my credit card very happy!

I really like the lace up ankle boots trend - they look great paired up with a fur collar aviator jacket. And as for the camel cape - one word: amazing!

xx Glitter Girl


  1. I have a vintage camel cape exactly like the one posted above and I love it!

  2. it's amazing, isn't it :) I'm thinking of getting one myself!