11 Oct 2010

A story tale-like Victorian Cottage

I found this magical, Victorian cottage when browsing I Need Pretty Things. Located in Catskills, it used to be a hunting cabin until Sandra Foster turned it into a tiny fairytale gateaway. 

According to The NY Times, the cottage fulfills a dream for Ms. Foster, whose middle-class family lost their home when she was a teenager on Long Island. Jut look how beautiful it is! 

           Photos are from The NY Times

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Polaroid Photography

These beautiful photos were taken by Alicia Bock.Enjoy! :)

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3 Oct 2010

A Mini Guide to Mad Men's Joan Harris (Holloway) style

I've been loving Mad Men ever since I watched the first episode. Set in 1960s New York advertising agency, the show perfectly encapsulates the atmosphere of the decade - and this also means the amazing 1960s fashion!

Photo source: standardsocial.com.
One of my favourite Mad Men characters is Joan Harris (Holloway)- the uber sexy, flawlessly groomed queen bee of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Her effortlessly glamourous style combined with a strong, allusive personality makes Joan quite possibly the most amazing Mad Men's creation. Although, sadly, not all of us are blessed with Joan's curves, her sexy yet sophisticated fashion style can be easily achieved if we stick to a few simple rules: say hello to figure-hugging, knee-lenght pencil skirts, solid jewel colours and the immaculate flushed makeup look!

If, like me, you're mad about Mad Men's style, you're in luck as the 1950s/early 1960s fashion is making a big come back this season, which means we don't have to limit ourselves to vintage stores when trying to recreate Joan's iconic look. 
Dress 1,2 & 4 are from modcloth.com, dress 3 is from matchesfashion.com(Diane von Furstenberg)
For Joan's 'office look', stick to fitted, high scoop collar dresses and soft materials. Wear a belt to emphasise the waist. For a night time look, you may want to go for sexier V neck dresses and shiny fabrics which will accentuate your curves.

These fabulous dresses are from stopstaringclothing.com. The below the-knee lenght is more of a 1950s than 60s style though.
The first two dresses are from ideeli.com (Eliza J), the red one is from shopstyle.com(Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique.)
Don't forget to accesorise but don't overdo it - Joan's style is all about minimalism and elegance:

 These little gems are from etsy.com: cbonifati's Shop & ATouchofRoseJewels' Shop
 Watch is from modcloth.com and the necklece is from Accessorize.
Joan's look wouldn't be complete without her signature gold pen necklace. I was SO excited when I found it on 1928.com! You can also buy a similar one on etsy.com.

The gorgeous satin gloves are from John Lewis and the clutch bags are from Accessorize.

If you want to complete the look with 1960s-style lingerie, check out La Senza's Lucy Lane vintage line,Agent Provocateur or What Katie Did Boutique. It may be a good idea to buy shapewear to define your silhouette, highlighting bust, waist and bottom. This will bring you a step closer to Joan's beautiful,curvy figure!

Last but not least- makeup! I was very excited to come across last year's interview where Lana Horochowski, Mad Men's Makeup Department Head, shared a few insider tips on how to recreate Joan's makeup look. Lana, who described Joan as "always put together, very sassy and sexy", said that key products for creating her look are eyeliner and strip lashes. Lana also revealed the exact products she uses when putting together Joan's makeup look (yes, you guessed it -I'm planning on buying every single one of them!!;). These are: MAC's Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle, Fluidline in Blacktrack and Rich Ground, brown and black, and Eye Shadow in Soft Brown (all these are MAC products). Lastly, Lena had a great advice on incorporating Joan's style into everyday makeup look: "Replacing gloss and sheer or shimmer lipsticks with matte reds, bright pinks and corals help screate a more retro look. Instead of a powder blush try using creme in pinks and corals to create a flushed looking cheek. For evening, strip lashes are always a bonus". 
I hope you enjoyed reading this post - let me know what you think about my outfit choices! :)
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27 Sep 2010

Ludovic Andral Photography

Ludovic Andral is a fashion, beauty and advertising photographer. I found his website through Empty Kingdom and got immediately fascinated by his artwork. Just look at these amazing urban glamour photos:  

   I love how the photo is shimmering with light! 


You can find more photos on Ludovic's website: http://www.andralludovic.com/

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26 Sep 2010

Makeup Trends - Autumn/Winter 2010/11

If Vogue is anything to go by ;), natural-looking skin with a silky matte finish is one of the season’s top trends.  The lucky few born with flawless completion can happily sport the foundation-free look, while the rest of us willing to achieve this radiant, alabaster glow have no choice but to stick to good moisturisers,foundation, powder and blush. Sigh!  
                               Phillip Lim,Style.com                                                                             
Eye-makeup for winter/fall 2010 is all about gorgeous browns, from toffee to chocolaty shades - they perfectly compliment the flawless makeup look. Warm shades add a slightly old-fashioned look to your eyes, creating this sepia tone effect.Minimalism is key so we can forget about fake lashes and tones of mascara – yay!                       

                    Alexander Wang,Style.com
 If you wish to take minimalism to another level, try the nude lashes look:

                     Diane von Furstenberg,Style.com
Now you can look fashionable even on a lazy Sunday in! ;)

If, like me, you love your black eyeliner, don’t be afraid to experiment and add a personal touch to the standard sultry look – add a hint of colour or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try out the horizontal lines makeup! I don’t even dare to imagine how it would make me look though!:

                      Jean Paul Gautier,Vogue.co.uk

Last but not least, my personal favourite - beautiful, dramatic lips in rich, dark shades of red. The classic 60’s reds have been given an edgy upgrade, so next time you’re shopping for lip gloss/lipstick, make sure you check out the amazing burgundy, blackberry and bordeau shades. They go surprisingly well with light, pale skin, giving your lips an almost goth-like, wine-stained effect.

Although I don't religiously follow the latest trends, especially when it comes to makeup (I love a bit of personal style and individualism), I loved this season’s looks so much that I couldn’t wait to give them a try. And here are the results:

                          Eye Makeup -Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick
                          Face -Bobbi Brown  Foundation Stick + Creamy Concealer
                          Lips -Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss + Liquid Metal

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23 Sep 2010

Butterfly Kiss

I found this little piece of art when browsing Flickr. I don't know if it was the author's intention, but I really like how the photo captures that dreamy, summery feel.

Playing with Light

  New Story Love in Vain: Waldemar Hansson & Max Modén
  Ghost: Waldemar Hansson & Max Modén
  Where The Wild Dream Grows: Waldemar Hansson

Beautiful, haunting photography by the amazing Waldemar Hansson & Max Modén.

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